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Have you ever wondered what happens to a world inside an abandoned video game? All those digital inhabitants with their artificial lives…do they just vanish when the game is turned off for the final time?

Village Monsters is an easy-going village life sim & exploration game set in one such forgotten world.



There's this old game that has been gathering dust in your attic for decades. One night you're feeling particular nostalgic and decide to fish it out of storage.

You blow into it a few times – of course – and sure enough it eventually boots up.

However, it's soon it's clear that something isn't quite right...

All the monsters that you remember as enemies now are all now living together in a community of sorts.

Stranger still, they've seemingly thrown down their axes and fireball spells in pursuit of a more peaceful life. They're offering an olive branch of sorts, and have asked you to join them in the village that they've created.

Will you accept?


Sure do! Village Monsters is Animal Crossing by way of Zelda crossed with Undertale.

But what does that actually mean?

Well, picture the day-to-day town life and relaxing nature of an Animal Crossing, then combine it with the adventure and mystery of Zelda.

Take that mixture and add more than a little inspiration from the likes of Undertale (& Earthbound, & Shenmue) and baby, you've got a stew going.


Glad you asked. Here's a partial list of features and other fun stuff you can expect to enjoy in Village Monsters

  • Take up residence in your very own home in a lovely town created and inhabited by monsters
  • Meet a boatload of rambunctious and whimsical villagers with their own personalities, schedules, and problems to solve
  • Pick up a new hobby, like treasure hunting or fishing, then donate your findings to the Historical Society of Monsters
  • Adventure through a bizarre and beautiful digital world that's been transformed by its abandonment
  • Set off and explore areas such as the curious Castled Cape, the mysterious Memorial Meadows, and the forgotten Firetree Forest.
  • Don't forget to bring back the exploits from your expeditions to decorate your home and village
  • Experience total immersion thanks to a robust day/night cycle, seasonal changes, dynamic weather, and a packed calendar full of events and holidays
  • Unravel a unique story through dialog, environments, descriptions, and other esoteric means
  • Enjoy the deep satisfaction of dog ownership
  • Discover a world brimming with lore, where every single area, villager, and item has context and background
  • Overcome obstacles, puzzle out puzzles, and solve strange mysteries – all this, without ever being pulled into a battle, random or otherwise
  • Complete a massive compendium full of collectibles, secrets, and much more


Village Monsters is releasing to PC in the year 201X.

You can play a very early alpha demo of the game right now. As in, today. As in, right here!

It's a rough version that's not fit for a wide audience, but it's updated monthly with new features, content, bug fixes, and kisses on the cheek. Check it out if you like to follow along a game as it's being developed.


Well, there's this page on itch.io for one!

I'm also very active on Twitter, so if that's your thing too then I'd love to have you follow along.

You can also send me an email.

Finally, if you think about it there's really just a finite number of humans out there, so if we both talk to enough of them then we'll eventually find each other. I look forward to seeing you!

More information

Published15 days ago
StatusIn development
Release datein 1 year
AuthorWarp Dogs
TagsComedy, Dogs, Life Simulation, Monsters, Pixel Art, satire, slice-of-life
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


VillageMonsters_AlphaWR04_Flower2.zip (16 MB)

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